What is a MWOT?

MWOT is a weekly podcast by host Lee Greenhough where he interviews amazing guest from around the world, all with a story to tell.

How long is each episode?

Each episode is around 50 minutes long but saying that the conversation is not limited to a set time so can differ.

Can i watch it on youtube?

For every podcast episode a youtube video is also published with the full conversation. Just search MY WAY OF THINKING PODCAST or follow the link on the home page and please subscribe!

Where can i listen to it?

Its available on a number of platforms but the most recognise ones are Apple Podcasts and Spotify, just search My Way Of Thinking

Is it family friendly?

Unfortunalty we do cover a lot of adult themes and as such cannot garantee that it will be child appropriate. Saying that last xmas we did do a specific epside for kids interviewing Santa so always keep an eye on social media.

Who are the guests?

The guests can range from anywhere and anything as there is no set topic apart from you! You dont have to be famous or an amazing dancer (like me) but what you do need is an interesting story that can offer advice and an insight to others.