My name is Lee Greenhough and I’m the host of my podcast My Way Of Thinking, every MONDAY live from the Man cave!

I’ve been an award winning Filmmaker and Radio host for many years and two things I learned along the way is I love talking to people and that you can never judge a book by its cover.

Growing up my life was.......shall we say colourful. Living as a one-parent family, income was always a problem and although we never had any money my childhood was full of love all down to my amazing Mother. Unfortunately she suffered massively with Mental Health and Alcoholism, something that was to plague her throughout her life. My father was never around, usually in and out of prison. He was murdered while I was still in school. My mum passed away in 2008, her love, generosity and caring is something I'll never forget.

So those are just some of the obstacles I had to overcome while growing up, saying that I feel lucky to have had the childhood I did. It made me grateful and the person I am today.

Through my journey it made me a strong advocate of Mental Health, Forgiveness and also the power of being Loved while growing up.

I hope that through the Podcast I can provide a safe, powerful and also enjoyable platform for people to speak about their trials and tribulations, no matter who they are or where they're from.

I feel honoured and humbled that people will let me talk to them about their stories, it also reinforces my belief that HUMAN BEINGS are AMAZING!

And yes some of the subjects are serious but remember we're only here once so BE KIND and let's have some FUN!

So that’s me! The Beatles said it best "All you need is LOVE!"

PS. below is a picture of me and my chicken Darlene (I'm the one at the back!)