MY WAY OF THINKING is a Podcast that looks deep into BRILLIANT individuals from around the WORLD that have something to say.

Human Beings are AMAZING and I'll be chatting to the best of them to find out about their JOURNEY, what makes them TICK and what lessons we can LEARN.

......Oh and maybe LAUGH along the way!



Nothing worse, you usually can smell it a mile off. I want the authentic you, lets dig deep and find out the real you and your story. It’s also very freeing for people to let go.


Yes we all have different opinions but lately everyone is judging everyone. No one respect other peoples opinion's anymore. If we don’t agree that’s fine but let's not start school yard slanging matches. Let's try to understand others, not judge them.


Don’t get me wrong, everyone has stresses and worries and we'll cover that, what we won’t do is linger on it. For every negative we must find a positive otherwise what’s the point. I want people to feel uplifted when listening........eventually!


I want all my guest and listener to enjoy the show and hopefully raise a smile. If I have a show and no one smiles I’ve failed miserably. After all the doom and gloom recently lets get some banter going and have a laugh. Well all be dead when the sun explodes anyway.